Sponsorships & Donations

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring BSides CambridgeMA 2024!

By accepting sponsorships, we intend to make the conference free to all participants this year.

What do I get for sponsoring?
Recognition from the conference and the gratitude of the community!
Sponsoring entities will be listed on our home page.

Venue space is limited, so we’re unable to offer tabling or other benefits that require physical space during the event.

What are the sponsorship tiers?

TierMin Donation
Platinum$ 2,000
Gold$ 1,000
Silver$ 100
Community$ 1

Payment Methods

This button will direct you to a Square page where you can check out with:

  • Credit Card
  • Google Pay
  • Cash App Pay


  • BTC: bc1qlnger8dup0zq8gk855gukx4787tdqe8pq8s5cw
  • ETH: 0x694d358227b97C836a0dacc65030ea0d75A75266

After submitting, email BSidesCambridgeMA [at] proton.me with the transaction hash and how you’d like to be recognized on the sponsors section of the homepage.